Friday, March 21, 2014

Everest Base Camp Here We Come!

In less than 25 days, on April 15th we will be boarding a plane headed to Kathmandu and the excitement is palpable for us and the members of our Everest Executive Challenge team.  It's hard to believe four years have passed since we were last in Nepal and had the opportunity to hike through the stunning Himalayas and had the good fortune to stand on top of the world.  Our journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp will commence during the height of the Everest climbing season and we look forward to sharing our past experiences in this magical land among our intimate group of six CEO's and business executives (and with you as a reader of our blog). Not only will our Everest Executive Challenge be a grand adventure, it will be a leadership retreat "a higher education" up to 18,450 feet, and also a philanthropic mission benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  

We invite you to explore the pages of our new Step Outdoor Adventures website to see among other things a detailed itinerary of our Everest Base Camp trip.  Also please enter your email address in the box on the right to subscribe to our blog and keep updated on the progress of our group.  Be sure to respond to the confirming email you receive after subscribing in order for updates to be delivered. Thereafter you will only receive an email when a new post has been made.   

Recent group training hike to the top of  Mt. San Jacinto