Thursday, October 27, 2016

Burke Khang Revisted

The last post I made about Burke Khang and our historic first ascent attempt, was from the Yak & Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu around this same time last year. click here to read it This story begins at the same hotel, except Denise and I are not in Kathmandu this time, but instead we are cheering on our good friend Bill Burke as he sets out on an expedition to make another effort on his own namesake mountain.
After returning home from our epic adventure with Bill high in the Himalayas last year, where we reached within 500 feet of the summit of Burke Khang, Bill could not resist the magnetic pull to go back and try again. We enjoyed many discussions and debates about the feasibility of safely scaling those last 500 feet of this steep and technically treacherous 22,775 foot peak. And as much as we would like to be with Bill right now, the decision to join him again was made largely by fate. ...and influenced by the strong opinion of my orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kramer, who advised me that my rotator cuff and labrum repair surgery of four months ago was not yet ready for this kind of test. Although I am feeling much better now, I would have to agree with the assessment as I still have a long way to go to regain the strength and mobility of my left arm (which I desperately need given the limited function of my right arm). 
Burke Khang is a demanding beast of a mountain and IF the summit can be successfully reached, it will require every ounce of strength, skill, mental fortitude, and a good dose of luck too. Please send your good thoughts and prayers for safety to Bill, his Sherpa team, and his friend and climbing partner David Liano, as they are already in Nepal and beginning their expedition now. If you would like to follow along on Bill's blog Eight Summits he is already posting along the way. Meanwhile all the best to you and let's take a lesson from Bill and live life to the fullest everyday!
Farewell Dinner with Bill & Sharon Burke
Bill at Camp 1 with Burke Khang in background - 2015 Expedition