Monday, May 3, 2010

Stormy Days at Camp 2

Since our last post, we bid a very emotional farewell to our Everybody to Everest group as we shared our final hugs goodbye and watched them all disappear down the trail out of Base Camp. Thank you all for the sacrifices you made to visit us in this magical place, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with all of you.

We now find ourselves back up at Camp 2 for our second acclimatization "rotation". It was an arduous 10-hour day going straight from Base Camp, through the icefall again, all the way to Camp 2 at 21,500 feet. We've been waiting out a storm here for the last 2 days that brought several feet of snow and fierce winds overnight that seemed like they would flatten our tent! Needless to say, the attached photo of C2 was taken during a brief break in the clouds that we all enjoyed like little kids. Despite the weather we've been getting out to hike and aerobically prepare for what will be a big day tomorrow. We plan on starting early to climb the infamous Lhotse Face (background of second photo) all the way to Camp 3 at 24,000 feet! The next time we return to this spot it will be for the real deal - the summit push! That's it for now!

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