Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Himalayan Style

Happy Halloween from Tharke Khang Base Camp at 16,500 ft. We have some exciting and spooky things to report from our last 3 days here. Pioneering a route on a mountain that has never been climbed must truly be the definition of adventure in its purest form. With a clear view of Everest from our tent right now, we feel the same sense of exhilaration that Mallory and Hillary must have felt in the 20's and 50's respectively. However, we have modernized the approach with the use of a helicopter!

Our Sherpa team spent several days scouting a route by foot thru the massive Ngozumba Glacier but reported back by radio that it looked impassible. …and more scary than a haunted house :-) Sid, Phil and I flew by heli to see from above if there was a safe way thru, but the rockfall hazards and icefall looked too dangerous to put lives at risk.
So, we plan to fly our entire team and gear tomorrow AM (Wed. Nov. 1st) across the glacier to the foot of the mountain and weather permitting, begin the technical portion of the climb on Thurs. Nepal time. Only satellite texting is available so no pics or video to share until we get back down. We feel healthy and strong, and with Scott Fischer's ice axe on hand, we are up for this first ascent challenge! Wish us luck! 
Thx, Paul and Denise

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