Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bienvenidos a Chile

We arrived yesterday in Punta Arenas with all of our gear and situated ourselves in our hotel overlooking the Straights of Magellan. Today consisted of a briefing by Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions explaining and mentally preparing us for the extreme conditions where we are headed and the necessary safety precautions. We were treated with gruesome photos of several victims of frostbite, which was akin to watching the old "Red Asphalt" movie in driver's ed class.

We also had an opportunity to meet the others who will be making this journey, some will climb Vinson with us and others who are headed to the South Pole. Tomorrow is our first attempt to fly down to "the ice". Our gear is already loaded on the big IL-76 and we are on standby until we get news from Patriot Hills that the weather and conditions of the ice runway will permit a flight or not.

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LT Bob Kurkjian said...

I think what the expedition company did not mention in their frostbite presentation was that all of those cases actually happened IN the IL-76. ;-)

Fight on you two!