Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boarding the Ilyushin-76!

We got the call this morning that weather at Patriot Hills is good and the ice runway is mostly clear. We have made a stop in Ushuaia, Argentina (which is the southernmost city in the world and capital of Tierra del Fuego region of Patagonia). We are picking up 18 Argentine scientists who will be spending 14 months in Antarctica. Bye for now, plane is taking off for "the ice"!!


Sharon said...

Hi Denise and Paul,
Your mom and I just read your blog and were happy the conditions were right for your take off and you didn't encounter a delay. I looked at some internet sites showing Puenta Arenas and also where you stayed the first night. Exotic and virgin territory!!! We're looking forward to hearing from you on the blog and hearing about your success. Love, Judy and Sharon

Robert said...

Go Paul Go