Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Summit Day

Breaking news just received from Paul & Denise, listen to the satellite call here:

Here is the actual view from the top of Mt. Vinson on our summit day. You may have figured out by listening to our call that the previous photo with blue skies was borrowed from an earlier expedition and uploaded in advance. The pre-written part about "extremely high winds and biting cold" was certainly accurate but the "spectacular views" were not exactly as earlier described.

This will be our longest day yet, the route is exposed and subject to extremely high winds and biting cold. The rocky summit ridge gives way to spectacular views of Mt. Gardner, Tyree, Epperly and Shinn. At the summit the true scale and majesty of the Antarctic continent become overwhelmingly apparent. There are a multitude of smaller peaks that emerge from the vast ice sheet that streches to the horizon. We will take photos, savor the moment, and retrace our steps back down to High Camp.

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